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Remarkable Greek basketball history

Greece is ideal destination for basketball tours because of the remarkable history of Greek basketball !

Greek young people have been inspired by the achievements of Greek teams and Greek players, in both European and international level and they keep on improving their skills.

Winning Eurobasket 1987, motivated Greeks to develop further this sport by upgrading sport facilities and improving the level of players.
The men’s national basketball team of Greece is the first Greek national team to win a European men’s title in any sport, as well as the only one that has achieved continuous pan-European and global distinctions. It is considered a major force in world basketball, having won the Eurobasket twice (1987, 2005), the 1995 World Youth Championship and reaching the final four of the last 6 FIBA World Cups (1994, 1998, and 2nd place in 2006)
Yiannis Antentokoumbo is the first Greek NBA player that has set high standards in Greek basketball nowadays.

Your team can practice their skills and improve their knowledge playing against local oppositions of same level. We can arrange basketball training sessions and fixtures in both indoor and outdoor courts.

Don’t miss the chance to offer your students such unique experience !